About the Board

This wholly independent board is comprised of academics, experts and senior leaders in the subject matters being discussed, who can provide both insightful critique and resourceful recommendations.

Alun Francis: Chair of the Commission

Rubbi Bhogal Wood: Vice Chair – Wild and Form Digital Ltd

Andy Westwood – Vice Dean, Social Responsibility, University of Manchester

Richard Jones – Chair in Materials Physics and Innovation Policy, University of Manchester

Clive Memmott – Chief Executive, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Emma Barton – Director of Economy, Oldham Council

Donna McLaughlin – Northern Care Alliance

John Wrathmell – Director of Research, Strategy and Economy, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Cath Green – Housing consultant, former CEO of First Choice Homes

Bilal Rahman – Business person, owner of ibreathe and KickSonic

Laura Windsor Welsh – Oldham Action Together

Alan Harding – Chief Economic Advisor, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Kashif Ashraf – Joint Chair and Founder of Asian Business Leaders