Oldham Economic Review


The Oldham Economic Review Board (OERB) is an independent panel that will come together to examine and provide analysis and recommendations to inform the strategic vision for Oldham.

Specific priority areas for the board are to review the economic position and outlook of the Council and its plans for the borough, making practical recommendations aimed at securing Oldham’s financial independency.

Key objectives

  • To determine and understand the challenges faced by Oldham in relation to employment, education, health, crime and well-being.
  • As part of a continuous framework, the OERB is to make recommendations on appropriate solutions to aforementioned challenges, leading to greater independence by growing employment and business opportunities across the borough.
  • To strategise the promotion of borough-wide opportunities including employment, business, housing and resources, aimed at positioning Oldham as a place where people from outside the town would wish to relocate. 
  • To enhance the profile of Oldham both regionally and nationally through recommendations on town centre repurposing, skills and business support.
  • To strengthen the relationship Oldham has with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and central government, leading to Oldham gaining the support required to ensure viability of the sub-objectives set out by the OERB.