The Oldham Economic Review Board heard evidence from local and national experts across a range of subjects to inform their findings.

Summaries of the evidence collected are included in the final report.

 21 October 2021Witness
1.Devolution, from MIER to Towns FundMike Emmerich (Metro Dynamics)
2.Levelling Up Oldham  Will Tanner (Onward) Jen Williams (MEN)
3.GM’s strategy, levers and projectsSimon Nokes (GMCA)
4.Oldham’s strategy, levers, projectsEmma Barton (Oldham Council)
 11 November 2021 
5.Work, Skills and Levelling upJonathan Simons (Public First)
6.Breaking Oldham’s Low Skills EquilibriumDavid Goodhart (Policy Exchange)
7.Oldham’s strategy, levers, projectsJon Bloor (Oldham Council) Neil Thomas (Dudley College) 
8.GM’s strategy, levers, projectsGemma Marsh (GMCA)
9.Employer training: what does the data say about good employers?Stephen Evans (Learning and Work Institute)
25 November 2021
10.Plan for the North: what do post-industrial places like Oldham do?Steve Fothergill (Sheffield Hallam University)
11.A Plan for Oldham: underpinned by community wealth building?Sarah Longlands (Centre for Local Economic Strategies)  
12.What does Oldham Make?Andy Gossage (Ultimate Products)
13.What could Oldham Make? Learnings from national policy initiatives: Industrial Strategy and InnovationGiles Wilkes (Global Flint) Richard Jones (Innovation GM) Paul Swinney (Centre for Cities)
 2 December 2021 
14.Town Centres and High StreetsCathy Parker (MMU & Institute for Place Management)
15.HousingCllr Hannah Roberts (Oldham Council)
16.CrimeInspector Nick Derbyshire (Greater Manchester Police)
17.HealthKatrina Stephens (Oldham Council)
 9 December 2021 
18.Oldham’s historic assetsCatherine Dewar (Historic England)