Oldham Town Investment Plan December 2020

The Council’s bold vision for Oldham town centre and wider borough is embedded within the £285m Creating a Better Place strategic framework, which has a focus on: building good quality homes; providing opportunities to learn and gain skills; growing local businesses and creating jobs; improving residents’ life chances, health and wellbeing; and, embedding sustainability to make Oldham the greenest borough in GM.

It is on this strategic framework that the vision for Oldham’s TIP is built – that by 2030, Oldham will be a place where business and enterprise can thrive and where people will want to live, visit, relax and work. Building on its industrial heritage, civic pride and location as a town in the countryside, Oldham will have a sustainable future in a unique urban setting. Oldham will be a stronger economic contributor to Greater Manchester, providing a place where every resident is enabled to contribute to and benefit from the continued growth of the city region. The productivity gap between Oldham and GM – as well as the wider UK economy – will narrow, supporting both a localised and a national levelling-up.